Maintaining Flame Aviation's fire trainers is easy. Just follow the Routine Maintenance checklist. The maintenance manual includes Job Guides for all routine maintenance tasks that periodically need to be performed as well as a trouble-shooting section. For each routine maintenance task there is also an instruction video.
Routine maintenance requires generally not more that fifteen minutes per week and not more than one hour per month.

Also corrective maintenance is easy. First of all, we have only applied parts and components of the best brand and quality to ensure a long life time and minimize the change of technical failure. In the unlikely event of a malfunction, you will have an indication on your dashboard which points you immediately to the relevant subsystem. Additionally you will have adequate possibilities for (remote) diagnostics to rapidly identify the failing part. To make sure the failing part can be replaced quickly, we have designed the fire trainer with easy access to all technical areas.

Every fire trainer comes with a complete set of technical documentation in hard and soft copy including vendor documentatation and parts list. 

 Check out this video. It gives you an impression on how routine maintenance tasks are presented.

191108 Routine Mx T Checklist
PDF – 106,1 KB 999 downloads


Are you looking for technical services from the manufacturer? We would be happy to visit your fire trainer periodically to conduct preventive and/or corrective maintenance. Our annual service program includes the revalidation of the gas detection system, an overall system check-up and the installation of the latest software to keep your fire trainer in optimal condition!

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