"Installation has never been so easy"

The travel restrictions made us to look closely at our current design and introduce a number of improvements to the technical design.
Now, all new fire trainers can be installed by the customer themselves by making use of an ‘IKEA-style’ manual supported by a step-by-step instruction video. We call them Concept-20 fire trainers.
Actually, if the preparations for the foundation and utilities are in place, installation upon arrival of the fire trainer cabins is a matter of plug & play. Off course, Flame Aviation is remotely standby to support and give additional guidance, while the customer is installing the fire trainer.

In case there are no travel restrictions, Flame Aviation always remains available to come over and complete the installation.
Since the fire trainer is fully prepared for installation already in the factory, installation can be done by only one representative and should be completed in a day. That is how a crisis can lead to innovations and improvements.