Why not turning classroom training into self-study?

Flame Academy (www.flame-academy.com)is Flame Aviation's training platform for instructor training and maintenance training but also for fire traning exercises and theorectical knowledge training.

The courseware includes all the theoretical knowledge required for cabin crew, including: Elements of fire, Classification of fires, Potential causes for fires, Circuit breakers, Prevention and checking, Identification the source of the fire, Hidden fires, Smoke, Communication, Fire fighting equipment, etc. etc.

All courses are available on any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Cabin crew can study all fire training subjects in their own pace, anytime, anywhere. Each chapter is concluded with a test and at the end of the course, a certificate of completion becomes available. Airlines can tailor the fire training courseware content and provide questions for the test.

Using Flame Aviation's online fire training courseware saves you instructor time, classroom space and scheduling. Your trainees can come straight to the practical fire training!