Product range

The V7000 Brigade™ is a robust and efficient cabin fire + smoke trainer. It can be installed inside but also outside and would occupy only five parking lots. All functionalities for a wide variaty of fire + smoke scenario’s are ‘on board’ and installation is a matter of plug & play.

The V9000 Commander™ is the flagship model. Besides all the functionalities of the V7000, it also includes an observation area for a group of trainees to watch and learn from the training proceedings.

Check out both models:
Single-cabin V7000 Brigade™
Double-cabin V9000 Commander™


All functionalities to train for particular fire scenarios are available in the fire trainers. This includes seat fire, oven fire, lavatory fire, overhead luggage bin fire, smartphone fire and laptop fire.

All these fires come with smoke and features to enhance the realism of the scenario’s like a functional oven switch, cb’s, a glowing spots, short-circuit light effects, smoke indicator, etc.

The entire cabin can be filled with smoke and also cleared within seconds thanks to the cabin smoke extraction functionality.
Fire extinguishers can be refilled in the automatic refilling station.

Safety & environment

The highest safety standards are applied. All fire trainers are CE compliant and meet the German DIN norms for gas-fuelled training devices. Standard safety features include a fully automatic gas system leak-test, a fail-safe gas detection system, automatic temperature control and off-course indirect fire ignition by means of a monitored pilot flame.

The fire trainers operate entirely environmetally friendly by using natural propane gas for the fires, water-based smoke fluid for creating the smoke and water and compressed air to simulate the Halon fire extinghuishers. Additionally, the water and gas consumption have been tuned to achieve a very efficient operation.