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Beyond 'ticking-the-box'

Every airline will face multiple inflight fire incidents in the coming years. That is simply the result of the increasing number of lithium-ion batteries in the cabin. Therefore airlines enhance their training programs and equipment to train for lithium-ion battery fires. Many airlines worldwide have chosen for Flame Aviation’s comprehensive fire training solution which includes the best-in-class equipment as well as a complete fire training suite of training materials!

Training includes procedures for particular inflight fire scenario’s including open fires, concealed fires, hidden fires, etc. The team approach with Attacker, Buddy and Communicator (ABC) is intensively trained as well as prevention and checking, communication and the after-fire procedures.

Flame Aviation

Flame Aviation is a leading manufacturer in Cabin Fire + Smoke Trainers offering a range of standard products. Standardization results in reliability, efficiency and short delivery times. Naturally, we can also tailor our products to your specific requirements.
All engineering and manufacturing is being done in-house, without sub-contracting to third parties. This way we ensure the highest quality and can provide the best customer support in the world!
With a team of highly qualified engineers and a new production facility in Leiden near Amsterdam, Flame Aviation is ready for the future. Interested in our products? We look forward to get in touch with you!