V9000 Commander™ / V9000 Commander™ XR


The V9000 Commander™ is the flagship model of the range and the most sold cabin-fire trainer in the world. It is fully equipped to train for lithium-ion battery and other cabin fires. The V9000 includes not only a preparation area but also an observation area with a tribune for the spectators.
The V9000 Commander™ is ideal for training all possible fire fighting scenario’s and facilitating larger or multiple groups.
The recognizable aircraft footprint and full size interior completes the realistic training environment experience.

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The interior of the V9000 Commander™ consists of two 30ft cabins, connected to each other. One part is the fire trainer cabin, which is identical to the V7000 Brigade™.
The other part is the observation area which offers plenty of possibilities. Large windows offer an optimal view for the spectators on the training proceedings in the fire training area. This room is standard equiped with heating and air conditioning to make training comfortable in all seasons. A sliding door gives direct access to the training area. A podium is installed to offer the trainees a place to sit while watching. Additionally it is possible to install lockers for the storage of PBE’s and other related equipment.


The V9000 Commander™ can be installed in the open air or in-house. The V9000 Commander™ can be operated year-round, in all weather conditions. All openings of the cabin crew fire trainer are positioned at the front side. This makes that only limited space is required to install and operate the V9000 Commander™.