Fire Training

Fire Training Syllabus - Instructor training

Flame Aviation has published its comprehensive Fire Training Syllabus. The training syllabus can be used by airlines to perform their fire and smoke training for flight- and cabin crew in a comprehensive and structured manner, subject to local regulations.

The theoretical section can be used for self-study by trainees as a preparation for the practical training. The theorectical knowledge of trainees can be checked by means of an included Questionaire. The practical section contains training exercises to train for particular inflight fire scenario’s. The exercises contain particular procedures as well as instructor guidance.

Flame Aviation’s V7000 Brigade™ and V9000 Commander™ cabin fire + smoke trainers are specially designed and equiped to facilitate these exercises. Please contact us for your free copy of the Fire Training Syllabus!

For training your instructors, Sky Professionals can help you to get you up to speed.