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De V7000 Brigade™ is a robust and spacious Next-Generation Fire Trainer, designed to train for lithium-ion battery and other cabin fires.
The V7000 Brigade™ is ideal for training larger or multiple groups due to the indoor preparation room.
The recognizable aircraft footprint and full size interior completes the realistic training environment experience.

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Manouvring in the limited space of an aircraft cabin interior, while fighting a fire, has been an underestimated factor in fire training. Therefore the layout of the V7000 Brigade™ is based on a realistic cabin interior of a modern commercial aircraft. It represents the aisle and the right side of the aircraft cabin with a galley in the front, a section with seat rows and overhead luggage bins and a lavatory in the rear.
At the entrance of the fire trainer is the preparation area. This space gives room to three to four persons and houses the instructor station and the fully automatic fire extinguisher refilling station.


The exterior of the V7000 Brigade™ is a 30ft insulated cabin, equipped with twist locks and lifting hooks for easy transportation and installation. The external appearance is standard Fire Brigade Red but can be delivered in any color.
All systems are within the envelope of the cabin and to save external space, all openings are situated at the front side.
Standard are four windows equipped with tilt & turn mechanism and roller shutters at the outside to darken the fire trainer interior. Many other window options are available.