Delivery & installation

All Fire Trainers are designed and manufactured at Flame Aviation’s manufacturing plant in Leiden, The Netherlands. After factory acceptance by the customer at the factory, the fire trainer is being packed for shipment. Thanks to the twist locks and liftting hooks, the Fire Trainer can be transported on a regular truck. Packing and loading of the fire trainer takes place inside Flame Aviation’s manufacturing plant.

At customer’s site, the Fire Trainer is off-loaded and positioned on the required installation location. Flame Aviation’s installation team is on-site to manage the installation of the fire trainer.

Once the Fire Trainer is installed on the dedicated position, the wrapping is being removed and the fire trainer is being connected to power and water. Flame Aviation’s installation team makes the fire trainer ready for training.

Within two hours the Fire Trainer is ready for training. The installation team will train customer’s team on operational and technical matters. Thanks to the internet connection, Flame Aviation stays in close contact with the fire trainer to monitor the performance, support the customer and provide updates.