Fire & smoke related incidents log (source:

Date Airline A/C Incident description
03-02-2018 Frontier Airlines A320 Lithium-ion battery fire
01-02-2018 Aeroflot A320 Lithium-ion battery fire in charger
21-08-2017 JetBlue A320 Smoke on board
14-08-2017 JetBlue A320 Electrical odour in cockpit
12-08-2017 SkyWest CRJ-200 Smoke in cockpit
11-08-2017 Hawaiian B767 Smoke in cockpit
10-08-2017 GOL B737 Cabin smoke indication
10-08-2017 jetBlue A320 Fumes injures three
09-08-2017 ExpressJet E145 Smoke in cockpit
02-08-2017 Lufthansa A380 Fire in cabin
01-08-2017 Lufthansa B747-800 Strong burning odour on board
01-08-2017 Travel service B737 Fire indication on board
31-07-2017 WestJet B737 Smoking audio panel
31-07-2017 Spirit Airlines A319 Odour in cockpit
29-07-2017 Lufthansa A321 Fumes in cabin
29-07-2017 Air Canada A320 Electrical odour in cockpit
27-07-2017 Air Canada B787 Odour of burning rubber on board
26-07-2017 Sun Express B737 Smoke in cabin
24-07-2017 Alaska Airlines B737 Burning odour on board
24-07-2017 Air Tahiti ATR72 Smoke on board
24-07-2017 Amertican 319 Odour sickens 4 passengers
23-07-2017 British Airways B777 Fumes in crew rest compartment
22-07-2017 United A319 Battery fire in cabin
22-07-2017 Yakutia B737 Smoke on board
20-07-2017 LGW DHC-8 Burning odour on board
20-07-2017 Condor B767 Smoke in cabin
20-07-2017 Lufthansa A330 Unusual odour in cabin
19-07-2017 TUIfly B737 Unusual odour injures two cabin crew
19-07-2017 Thomas Cook B757 Smoke on board prompts evacuation
16-07-2017 American A319 Foul odour in cabin
16-07-2017 Alaska Airlines B737 Fumes on board
15-07-2017 Air France B777 Burning odour on board
12-07-2017 Air Berlin A320 Fumes on board
12-07-2017 Thomas Cook A330 Galley oven emits smoke
11-07-2017 jetBlue E190 Fumes in cockpit
08-07-2017 Germanwings A319 Fumes on board
08-07-2017 Thomson B757 Smoke injures three cabin crew
07-07-2017 British Airways A320 Fumes in cabin
07-07-2017 Air Mistral ATR Smoke detector indication
04-07-2017 Air Canada A320 Smoke in cockpit
07-07-2017 Eurowings A320 Fumes injure three cabin crew
01-07-2017 Lufthansa A319 Odour in cockpit
28-06-2017 jetBlue A320 Smoke in cockpit
23-06-2017 Eastern Australia DHC8 Smoke in cockpit
23-06-2017 Ryanair B737 Smoke in cabin
23-06-2017 jetBlue E190 Smoke in cockpit
23-06-2017 Delta A330 Smoke in cabin
23-06-2017 Delta MD88 Smell of smoke in cockpit
22-06-2017 Delta B777 Burning odour and smoke in cabin
21-06-2017 Lufthansa A330 Strong odour in cabin causes injuries
21-06-2017 PSA CRJ-700 Smoke in cockpit
20-06-2017 SAS A319 Smoke in cabin
16-06-2017 WestJet B737 Unusual odour in cabin
16-06-2017 Cathey Dragon A321 Smell of smoke in cockpit
16-06-2017 Lufthansa A319 Smell of smoke in cabin and cockpit
15-06-2017 Air Canada B777 Smell of smoke in the cabin
13-06-2017 Air India A321 Burning odour in cockpit
12-06-2017 Jazz DHC8 Smoke in cockpit
12-06-2017 American A330 Smoke in cabin, electrical odour
09-06-2017 Korean Airlines B737 Smoke in cockpit
08-06-2017 Jazz DHC-8 Smoke in cabin
07-06-2017 JetBlue A320 Strong odour in cabin
05-06-2017 First Air ATR42 Smell of electrical smoke
04-06-2017 American B767 Fumes on board
03-06-2017 United B767 Smoke in cockpit
02-06-2017 Aurigny Air Services ATR72 Smell of smoke
29-05-2017 Horizon DHC-8 Burning electrical odour
25-05-2017 Iberia Express A320 Smoke in cockpit
23-05-2017 PIA B777 Fire in oven
23-05-2017 Air Niugini F100 Smoke in cockpit
21-05-2017 Virgin Australia B737 Fumes on board
19-05-2017 Austrian Airlines A320 Odour in cabin
19-05-2017 Qatar Airways B787 Fire on board
19-05-2017 West Jet B737 Odour in cabin
10-05-2017 Air Berlin A330 Odour on board
08-05-2017 GOL B737-800 Smoke in cabin
01-05-2017 SkyWest CRJ Smoke in cabin
24-04-2017 Air Transat A330 Cabin crew computer overheated and smoking
22-04-2017 Air Canada Rouge B767 Smoke in galley
21-04-2017 Air Canada E190 Smoke in cockpit and lavatory
12-04-2017 American B777 Smoke in cabin
11-04-2017 united B757 Fumes in cockpit
10-04-2017 ASL France B737-400 Smoke in cockpit
06-04-2017 Air Arabia A320 Smoke in cockpit
05-04-2017 Alaska Air B737-800 Odour in aft cabin injures cabin crew
05-04-2017 Nordica CRJ-200 Lavatory smoke
04-03-2017 United B777 Smoke in cabin
02-04-2017 Envoy E145 Electrical odour in cabin
31-03-2017 easyJet A319 Smoke in cockpit
30-03-2017 Lufthansa Cargo MD11 Smoke in cockpit
30-03-2017 Skywest CRJ-200 Smoke in lavatory
27-03-2017 Hawaiian Airlines B767-300 Smell of smoke in cabin
24-03-2017 British Airways B787 Fumes in cabin
23-03-2017 PSA Airlines CRJ Smoke indication
23-03-2017 Delta Airlines MD80 Smokey odour in cabin
20-03-2017 Spirit Airlines A321 Odour in cabin
19-03-2017 British Airways B777 Fire in oven
18-03-2017 Lufthansa A340 Smoke in cockpit
10-03-2017 WestJet B737 Burning odour in cabin
12-03-2017 Egypt Cargo A300-600 Smoke in cockpit
11-03-2017 Jazz DHC-8 Smoke in cockpit
10-03-2017 Jazz DHC-8 Fumes in cabin
08-03-2017 easyJet A319 Fumes on board
05-03-2017 China Southern B737 Battery pack bursts into flames
04-03-2017 Oman Air A330 Smell of smoke
05-03-2017 SpiceJet B737-800 Foul odour on board
28-02-2017 Jazz CRJ Electrical odour in cabin
26-02-2017 InterJet A320 Burning odour on board
28-02-2017 Korean Air B777 Smell of smoke in cabin
25-02-2017 Air Berlin A330 Smoke in cockpit
23-02-2017 Avianca A320 Smoke in cockpit
22-02-2017 Virgin Australia ATR-72 Smoke in cockpit
21-02-2017 Azul E190 Cabin side-wall overheats and catches fire
17-02-2017 British Airways E190 Smell of smoke on final approach
17-02-2017 Lufthansa A320 Strange odour
16-02-2017 FlyBE DHC-8 Vapour on board
14-02-2017 British Airways B777 Fumes in cockpit
12-02-2017 British Airways B777 Strong electrical odour on board
11-02-2017 British Airways A320 Smoke indication
03-02-2017 American B737-800 Odour of burning plastic
04-02-2017 WestJet B737 Burning odour in cabin
10-02-2017 American A321 Smoke and haze in cabin
07-02-2017 Jin B777 Smoke in cabin before departure
03-02-2017 WestJet B737-800 Fumes and smoke in cockpit and cabin (Toronto)
02-02-2017 WestJet B737-800 Fumes and smoke in cockpit and cabin (Phoenix)
30-01-2017 Lufthansa B747-800 Rejected take-off due to strong odour
23-01-2017 VivaAeroBus A320 Smoke in cabin
21-01-2017 Aurora A319 Odour in cabin
20-01-2017 Tiger A320 Smoke in cockpit an cabin
21-01-2017 Volaris A320 Burning odour and smoke in cabin
07-01-2017 Lufthansa A321 Strong oil fumes on approach
05-01-2017 Lufthansa A320 Lavatory smoke indications
04-01-2017 Spirit Airlines A320 Foul odour on board
02-01-2017 PIA B777 Lithium-ion battery thermal runaway
02-01-2017 American A330 Fumes on board
01-01-2017 Wideroe DHC-8 Smoke in cockpit
07-12-2016 Georgian CRJ-100 Smoke in lavatory
18-12-2016 Thomson B757 Burning odour
16-12-2016 Norwegian B737-800 Smoke in cockpit
03-12-2016 DAT ATR72 Smoke in cockpit
03-12-2016 Lufthansa A340-600 Odour on board
02-12-2016 Delta B767 Smoke in cockpit
02-12-2016 easyJet A320 Smoke in cockpit
01-12-2016 China Southern B737-800 Overheated smartphone
29-11-2016 Avianca A318 Smoke in cabin
23-11-2016 Delta B717 Lavatory smoke